Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So..Why stop with pot? Why not legalize and TAX prostitution?

It'll stop the degradation & abuse of a lot of women, runaways...STDs could be kept in check...and a LOT of money could flow into states coffers.

Can you write a little tale that includes these "Double "W" phrases for wordplay fun?

The wicked witch who was a worry wort spoke words of wisdom into the whispering winds at the wishing well.

Tell Me Not, Sweet, I Am Unkind?

morporc is correct, yet, there is another layer here which is often overlooked. He is telling the world that he loves fighting more than getting laid. "And with a STRONGER faith—embrace..."

Should India's democracy be considered a sham democracy?

East indian's are so proud of their country's democratic system that they keep on beating their chest with it whenever compared to China. But is it really a democratic country? To me democracy is more than just a political title but a way of life. India has a caste system that is extremely prejudice and will not be easily abolished in the minds of its citizens because it is religious in nature( hinduism). They claim that they have religious freedom but the hindu finatics target anyone who believe in another religion especially islam and christians. The government is so ridiculously corrupt that half the elected officials have a criminal conviction or a pending court case. Child labor, police brutally, suppression of kashmir just to name a few. From a western perspective, what exactly are they proud of ?

Fungus growing on birds tail?

I was watching this hoarders show once, and this woman had over fifty birds. All of the cages were nasty, and the birds were not living in a good environment at all. One parakeet ended up growing fungus or mold or something on his tail because of his nasty cage. My question is, how did this happen exactly to the bird? How did it form and grow on his tail? Just curious! Thanks!

Tell me about Streetsboro, OH?

Greetings, I've lived in a real nice western suburb of Cleveland, North Olmsted, my whole life of 49 years. It's amazing how the city has changed over the years. The hustle and bustle and non stop traffic is starting to get old. I'l like to move into a more rural area but still be close to decent restaurants and bars. Don't let 49 fool ya' I'm 18 at heart. I've been looking into the Streetsboro area. Anyone out there that can tell me about the city and area.? We have a 13 year old daughter and I see the schools are decent. I've never been to streetsboro but my wife was 10 years ago. She thinks we'd be moving to "hicksville" From what I've read streetsboro's nothing like that. But I'd like to hear what the city and area is like from someone who lives there. Safe city? Fun things to do? If you live there now and wish you didn't, why? Thank you in advance for your feedback and opinions.

IPod got soaked! HELP?

today my powerade waste all in my purse and my ipod was soaked in it i hurriedly took it out and cleaned it and it's still a bit sticky but is there any hope for it?!

The pentatonic scale ? A, Am, D, Dm whats the difference and why ?

I played guitar in bands and solo for quite a while and I think you may be making things hard for yourself,just enjoy youself.Hendrix played a right hand guitar upside down so I do not think he worried about the pedantic reasoning behind his playing,he just let it flow and it is a pity he died so young as he was the most original player I have heard.

Where can I order various bottles for packaging aromatherapy products in Canada?

i dont know about canada but sks-bottle or something like that (google it) has just about every size ( i make sprays too) in the usual blue, amber or clear bottles. I am sure they ship to canada from usa.. they were fast and nice to deal with. you have to order a box, which is probably 20 bottles?

Which animals are poached in Australia?

And also, what for and how? Bullet etc. If you can, tell me if the animal is endangered or not! Endangered animals would be the best, pref. something like elephant/kangaroo/tiger. THEY HAVE TO WILD!!!

96 Honda Accord not starting right away?

I have a 96 Honda Accord Ex, AT with 183,000 miles. Recently i have had trouble with the car starting right away. It will always start but takes between 3-10 min. It will turn over but not start, and right before it will start i can hear a whoosing noise and then a green box around the d4 light on the dash lights up and it will start right away. I have heard maybe a tune up is needed? I would appreciate any suggestions

Who empties the trash at local parks?

who empties the trash at local parks? is it like trash people or something? or like custodian people? or just hobos

How to keep hair flat while working out?

my hair is short and usually flat because i wear a hat to sleep lol, but when i work out i get sweaty and my hair poofs out and looks VERY GAY. is there somehow i could keep my hair flat so it doesnt poof out? i dont want to wear a hat/toque while working out, but i will if i have to!

What are the benifits of sulfur !?!?!?

Sulfur is used in proteins to help dtermin the shape - so called disulfide bridges stabillize the structure

How to look like im in shape?

im stout and short (1.73cm), so im trying to get into proportion to look taller but is huge and i dont know how to get rid of it so i need help and tips in getting into shape...cause im performing for my school and i dont want to look retarded...need tips on how to lose weight, how to look proportional and diet tips. please dont tell me to accept myself for who i am...thank you:)

Which model of the atom explains the orbitals of electrons as waves and WHY?

Ok do not listen to that idiot who said bohr. It is the quantam model because it states that it states that electrons have a wave/particle duality and due to that fact, it is impossible to determine the position of an electron at a given time.

Hello every one, I am from Uzbekistan and next summer i would like to go to France and work but i?

i plan to travel there with touristic with as it is expensive there i wnt to work so my question is CAN I FIND SOME ILLEGAL JOB OVER THERE FOR THE SUMMER i just wanna cover my expenses...

Where can I find Elliot's Bra from Scrubs?

I want to buy a bra that looks like Elliot's in the scene where she and JD hook up under the Christmas tree (a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a 1:46 mins into it, if you need a refresher) Anyone know where to get one like it? I've looked everywhere and can't find it.

Telefunken TV's are so stupid!!!!!!?

my telefunken tv screen is showing a blue screen with a red padlock in the top right hand corner. Why???? I touched something on the remote. the manual says nothing about a tv lock. can anyone help me please?? i miss watching my wwe

Swimming with flippers gives me a sharp stabbing pain in leg...?

You might need to adjust your form. I know that when you walk and you take too large a stride you can hurt/injure your upper leg and hip. If you have a swim coach let them know the situation. There might be a way to adjust your form a tad so the pain doesn't happen anymore. If the pain is consistant, like it happens more than a few times a week or a swimming session you really should see your doctor to avoid any permanent damage.

How is this another shocking news, Irfan Pathan too was approached by the bookmakers?

Yes, this is an shoking news, as far as Indian Cricket is concern. Because in India cricket is pion, when in India an child is born he/she seams to be knowing cricket from their birth, everyone wants to be an cricketer & Irfan Pathan in my concern seems to be doing right to inform the ICC & I just wants to know that Did he inform BCCI about this bluddy thing ?

How does Alan lee ( illustrator of lord of the rings) Know if jrr tolkien envisioned it that way,.?

Because Tolkien gave immense detail when describing aspects of his novel. For example, if I remember correctly, he used at least 3 pages describing the layout of Minas Tirith. So the work we end up seeing from good artists like Alan Lee and John Howe, although maybe not exactly the way Tolkien imagined, is certainly not from from it.

Is it necessary, or even advantageous, to risk human life in space exploration?

One day our sun will expand and swallow the earth. Thus, for the human race to survive we will need to learn to live in space. One reason to promote manned space flight.

How do I send a fan letter to Leann Hunley? Please read the details to my question.?

By the time in send a letter to NBC in Burbank, her limited run on "Days of Our Lives" will be over. As I am severely physically disabled, every typing session is a major effort for me. If I'm going to tire myself anyway, I'd like the letter to have a slim chance. Can anyone give my any ideas? Thanks.

How can a 16 year old earn 40 bucks in one week?

im buying a ticket to go to new york to see my dad in the hospital i need 40 more bucks to but the airplane ticket i need to get it quick though cause my flight that i am able to get s on the nineteenth help please!

I want to be a tattoo artist. What do you think of my art?

Go for it, you are very talented. I have been looking for tattoo designs, I'm into the whole medieval thing. Do you have a website or anything?

What is the best lens to fit a Nikon d40?

I have a Nikon D40 and the body is great but of course the cheap-o lens it came with broke within the first few months. I am looking to get a new lens, a better one to fit my needs. I do alot of event photography for a side job and sometimes need to pull in shots from far distances. I also love to do closeup portraits. This is my first digital SLR so im kind of in the dark about what to get as far as lenses. Any thoguhts? Ive been looking at the Sigma 70-300mm lens. Will this do the job?

Read my first chapter please :)?

This is Really good. Are you gonna put this on Quizilla,Wattpad, or Mibba. I'd read this story and I really only read romance novels. Youre good for being 13 because I've read some of mi friends stories(we're 13) and this is Awesome! Plz continue and always write for yourself first and foremost!

Were we warned 150 years ago on the corporate take over of America?

Yes, and everyone ignored Eisenhower's warning about the dangers of the growing "military-industrial complex" too, much to our chagrin.

Ugh. why do guys have to be confusing??

First of all why would you even want to win him over if he has a girl friend? Dont you realize that if he cheats on her, or dumps her for you that in the future he may do the same thing to you? Then you'd regret ever meeting this guy. You should just go on with your life and find a better guy, like one that is SINGLE and that you can trust.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I need a list providing the density of kerosene at different temperatures,how can i get the list?

the temperature should be given in degree centigrade and the density should be given in gram per cubic centimeters

To all Muslims....Describe how much you love the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم in a few sentences or in poem ?

recitation of darood path of blessings ....... WHO has the power to describe .... this ...we are living as there is big umberallah of rehmatulilalemeen [..saaw] ]

Please translate this english paragraph into spanish paragraph.?

hi! i am maria leanne thea R. santos. i live at 183 re chico st baliuag bulacan. i m 16 years old. i am studying spanish.

Pokemon Emerald help?

Replace teeter dance because you only want to have moves that hurt pokemon unless your Spinda is going to help you catch pokemon

Problem Solving : Evolution?

They're found together in a stream. Stuff washes down streams all the time - it doesn't all come from the same date.

What do you think of my team 14 team league looking at my team should i trade Jason Bay for Cole Hamels?

Is this a keeper league? I think either way, Bay for Hamels/Bonds is a no-brainer. Bonds is pretty equal to Bay (though he will miss a few more games than Bay), so you're getting Hamels for free.

My foot was run over by a forklift at work and i have 3 broken bones the were pinned should i get a lawyer?

a co worker ran over my foot with a forklift i have 3 broken bones in my foot wich required surgery to put 3 pins in i dont know much about workers comp do i need a lawyer

{Percy Jackson fans} If they do all the films will the last one get a rating of 12 or 15?

Here we have G, PG, PG-13, and R ratings so I think it would get a PG rating most likely because they will want lots of people to see the movie since the first one didn't do so good. So what I think they will probably do is make Luke stabbing himself and Ethan stabbing Annabeth just not look as bad so that they don't have do do a PG-13 or a 15 rating. So I guess in the UK it would be a 12 rating because I'm not sure what the rating before 12 would be! I hope they do make all the movies though.

Why is my pizza dough terrible?

This is very simple the reason your pizza dough is terrible is the recipe says to add the salt and the yeast to the water but salt kills yeast because yeast is a living organism. Your water needs to be between 90 degrees F and 115 degrees F. The first step should be to add the yeast to the water then add flour then add salt. If it is to hard let it rest for like 20 min make sure to cover it with a dry kitchen towel.

I got through airport security with a cigarette lighter. Should I write a letter to National Airport Security?

The only type of lighter that is prohibited in the cabin of an aircraft is a torch lighter. Standard lighter and zippos are fine - as well as one book of safety matches. Strike anywhere matches are still a prohibited item. I

Demigod cd keys!! Who can tell me where can I get a cheaper one?

I'm a student, and I buy a Demigod pc game from Internet, but he cheat me. I never see cd key when I open the retail box. so I want get a cheaper Demigod cd key. pls don`t cheat me!

Nerve damage to shoulder, anybody have similar story?

I agree with gallop, TENS treatments can be really awesome. I'd look into giving that a shot. My equine chiropractor has a TENS machine, it really increased circulation and stuff.

Gaining pec muscle.............?

too lose the fat off your pecs you will have to lose the fat from everywhere. do cardio everyday. for gaining the muscle do bench press, push ups, and pec flies (look it up on google).

North Face fleece.... what is the big deal???!?

i think everyone has them because they are really comfy and cause everyone has them lol... i would get a columbia jacket, its cheaper, and if it hardly gets cold where you are, then whats the point of getting a thick jacket when you'll be dying of heat when wearing it?

Which will make you a stable Christian - boasting of your love for God or boasting of God's love for you?

Boasting isn't a real good thing, but Jesus being Jesus, He would've loved him no matter what. Personally, I'm not a church person, but I do think things like the Golden Rule and loving your neighbor apply to everyone.

Year 12 maths methods help!?

there is a parabolic shape modelled on the equation y=1/3x^2 when y= h, x= + or - the square root of 3. Hence find in terms of h the area of the circular cross section of the surface of the shape when the depth is equal to h???

What should i do for my sweet 16?

i LOVE mike posner and Green Day. i'm kind of a punk girl so i want something fun and entergetic. i don't know how to really combine these things, any help please??

Which should i get for my school bag?

If you really want one of these bags the second looks the most durable and more cute and school like. These bags in my experience don't last long the straps tend to break from the weight of books and other stuff but they are still too cute to not have. So if your like me a real book warm and good student you will end up buying a new bag every few months or so.

Kaun thik hai ? mein ya mere friends?

mere friends kahena hai suhaag raat ko masti karna compulsory lekin mera manna hai ki pahle hum dono ek dusre ko achi taraha pachan lein phir chahe jo karna hai karo kya mein sahi huin agar huin to kyun

Which places in the world have the highest probability of surviving a nuclear holocaust?

Calculating probable nuclear sites, blast concentrations, after-effects, trade winds and water currents carrying radiation, the onslaught of nuclear winter, etc. Or are we all just doomed?

I have a major problem with this guy..?

Thrz a guy at my clg who has been giving an eye contact to me since i ve joined the college...almost 2 and a half yrs. But he never talked to me..he just gave smiles 4-5 times. Finally i found him on hi5 and added him. He said he doesn't knw me..although my pic is thr . Not only this ...he shows alot of attitude in talking to me....i mean he talks very nicely...very friendly....but he never msgs me himself. I just don't understand...The main thing is hez a very gud luking guy and he has many frds as gals...and he can have any damn beautiful gal for himself...then why does he gives an eye contact to a simple gal like me..I m cute but not so smart as he is. And moreover he talks to those gals very confidently which shows he isn't a shy guy.Why will a guy gives an eye contact to a gal in real and behave this way on net??What do u think?

This is a cry out for help!?

kso. (i have blonde curly hair green eyes and im skinny) so what look would look good on me and what kind of make up and clothes should i wear?

How can i trade my car in with payments still? for a cheaper car?

i now realize i should have got a cheap car my first time around. i got a loan on a car since i had no credit and i was 18. i believe it was $8,000. i have about $6,000 to pay off. my kbb value is around $3,650. i would like to trade it in for a cheaper car where the payments are more manageable or no payments at all. how do i go about it?

OMG One Tree Hill Question

Ok who else thinks Lukas has to call brooke in the permeir. I mean its a must THey are so cute together.plz tell me wat you think

Facebook slander and work risk?

Libel is libel no matter what the medium. For you, I would stay out of it. Let the people involved work it out.

Poll: Someone told me I looked like an elf?

lol I suppose you do in a very slight way, but I mean it in the best possibly way. Elves are supposed to be tiny, cute, feminine creatures. Take it as a compliment, you are very pretty and have very beautiful eyes.

I can't remember the name of a book I wanted to read!?

Was it "The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon" by Stephen King? It's about a girl who, on a hiking trip, gets seperated from her family. With only her walkman playing the baseball game to comfort her, she is pursued for days by the God of the Lost, manifested in the body of a giant bear.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mountain children uniformed groups ?

I want my 13 year old son to join a group in the San Bernardino mountains in california that has to do with forestry and respect for the community and adults. He is not a bad kid and all his trash goes into his pocket. I want him to start thinking about his future in possibly forestry and to see whats out there besides a skate board and video games.

Where can i watch Magic & Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals?

If you have AT&T as your TV carrier, channels 800-945 are all movie channels and they show it sometimes on there. If you don't have that then you might find it at blockbuster or something like that.

Can you suggest music artists from your country?

I really like Taylor Swift she is an awesome singer you should try her songs you might like them but it just depends on what you like but she is awesome and I think you would like her.

My abusive stepdad has trapped my mum!! he's changed her so much she's just like him!! what do i do?

he's 16 years older than my mum..and it's not the age thats a problem it's his temper and general attitude! i hate him...he hit me last year and i havent spoke to him since and it seems my mum has joined forces with him and i even secretly found out that they're planning to move away like it will be liek an hour or so away. I will refuse to move with them...but there's no room at my dad's as he's just moved in with his fiance in a bungalow. I feel like a don't belong and i'm the only mature one in my a way i want my mum n stepdad to just go away so that they're out of my lives for good...but i won't have anywhere to go. i used to feel sorry for my mum and ask her to leave him but she just makes excuses for him and ive given's not as if she's one of those vulnerable victims...she's so strong and bitchy yet so stupid to still be with him. I heard about another girl's stepdad hitting her and her mum left him straight away...why didn't my mum do the same??

What can i color green that is not normally green?

I need to make something green that is not normally green for St. Patrick's day for my kindergarteners cl

Reposting: For JWs, a serious question...?

I look at this way, there is always going to be rotten apples in every congregation. But we don't serve man we serve Jehovah.

Contingency fee on divorce cases?

We all know that a contingency fee is the only fee you pay for personal injury attorneys. But is it possible to ask only for the same fee from divorce lawyers?

Winter snow tires?

i have on my saturn vue p235/60R17 i need to get some snow tires i need to know what sizes i can use. i was looking at 225/55 or 235/70 on 17in rims ???? just need some help before i leave to alaska. thanks

If you crack open a light bulb will the filament still have current?

im doing my physics homework and this question came up. i was wondering if it is possible that the filament will still have current going through it and how much current.

Does anyone know why my hibiscus didn't come up this yr.?

i have no idea why, but this yr. i had flowers come up that hadn't bloomed in 3 yrs. but my hibiscus that usually bloom every yr. did not come up. is this just coincidence or could there be an actual reason?

Why are minus lenses so expensive?

A pair of gles can cost hundreds of dollars! Then you have reading gles on display in the dollar store. Being nearsighted sucks enough already, especially since you know that you will only get more blind with time. The least they can do is make corrective lenses more reasonable.

What is the success rate of suing the state and Police Dept. for shotty work.?

What is the success rate of suing the DA or the arresting officer whom did an investigation that has too many holes The officer relied strictly on the information of a witness that he never checked out and turns out to be uncreditable. So to recap, the officer strictly took the accuser on thier word and then charged the person with a felony crime. This is listed on the crime regristry online, and despite the outcome, guilty/innocent will always be online to see that she is has been charged with a felony crime. She has been denied work because of this online report(despite the fact that she has never been convicted nor even gotten thru the court process yet). She's listed as defendant so it's bad.So, if it can be proven that the only witness is not credible, if it can be proved that she lied, and that the information she told about the specifics where never confirmed from an independent source(a phone confirmation could have done this) the officer negligent?

Who thinks the lakers spurs game is fixed.?

these are proffessonal referees, there is no way in fn hell that they do not see these fouls by the spurs. This is by far the worst officiated postseason of all time David stern seems to want every series to go 7 games for the money.

Rent audition!!?

Don't sing On My Own, it's overdone and not really suitable for RENT anyway. Look at rock musicals - Hair, Chess, Tommy, Godspell, Children of Eden.

Do banks protect you against fraudulent money orders?

Ok, so 4 years ago, when the Nigerian scams were on the rise, I put up a Craigslist ad to sell an entire collection of rare action figures... I got a response from a buyer outside of the US who had arrangements with their own "private shipper", and they would mail me money orders from their US address, you know the typical scammer protocol. Long story short, the guy sends me four 500 dollar money orders, which for my figures actually seemed like an accurate price. I deposited them into my Bank of America checking account, and they held the funds for at least a week and a half to 2 weeks. Finally, the money orders cleared, and I had access to all of the funds. I needed the money badly, so I spent most/all of it the same week the funds cleared on bills and various debts. Low and behold, BOA sent back the money orders with a huge red stamp on them that says "COUNTERFEIT", and I checked my account only to find out I was -1,200 dollars. BOA kept saying I owed them that money, and that it was my fault. I don't understand how this was my fault in any shape or form. The bank held the funds for an extremely long period of time, isn't it THEIR job to decipher fraudulent currency as opposed to non-fraudulent? I immediately stopped banking with BOA and blew them off, because I felt as though I was not responsible for their lack of attention to detail. Just recently, they sent this off to a collection agency, and now they are haring me to pay this money, AND it's negatively impacting my credit report big time! Do I have any rights or options to resolve this? Or do I just pay them the money? Someone please help with advice!

Who manages and produces Kellie Clarkson?

I have a friend who is being solicited by a specific music management company. We are unfamiliar with this group and would like verification--please.

How do I get my dog to like me more than any one else?

Train with him. Obedience training forms a bond and the dog will respect you more. Make it fun and do short little sessions daily(2-3 minutes, a few times a day). Use a really good treat as a reward and just work on the basics.

Have you been forgiven of much?

What a wonderful testimony! What a great example of the miracles God can work in your life, if only you let Him. God forgives us so much, everyday, on a large scale, but also in a small one. I haven't had such dramatic events in my life, but sin is a very sneaky thing. All the sudden I catch myself growing selfish in my own pursuits, impatient, with lots of unkind thoughts about people who annoy me in some way. God always forgives me those thoughts. Also, it's hard for me to forgive people who hurt me in the past, and Jesus told us to forgive others many times. I think that just avoiding people who hurt you is not completely right, you also have to openly forgive them. No one is free of sin, after all. May God continue to fill your life with love, peace and forgiveness!

Questions about how Tony Camel was written out of Monk?

I used to watch Monk regularly but my schedule got so screwy I barely see it anymore. How was Monk's Psych written out after Camel died? I love Hector as the new psych but I don't know how the transition was made and it seems Monk never visits his doc anymore. Somebody fill me in please! Thanks

If you had to be plagued with one of the following, which would it be?

damn I know some people with all three... lol they didn't even have a choice... that's hard.... I would probably have to say bad breath and just invest in a truck load of gum and not stand too close to someone when talking... that would suck I don't know which I would rather deal with...

What is the reason for an inconclusive pregnancy test?

could be both I have heard that some test do not put enough die in them and it wouldn't show no matter how much pee you put on it! On the other hand if you don't have enough urnie to trigger the die it wouldn't show either. If the test you used was a cheap one try a more "well known" brand like First Response or EPT. Good luck, hope this was helpful :)

HDMI doesn't work won't detect?

So i got a 35 foot HDMI cable ( ) with full 1080p support and all the good stuff and i plugged it in to my desktop and it doesn't work i switched it to the HDMI input on my tv and everything i tried reinstalling my video driver non worked now i have a hunch ever since 2 weeks ago my my Monitor stopped getting detected instead of having what model it is it has "Generic Non - PnP Monitor" so i though that might be part of the problem (if you could help me detect the monitor that would be great to) PLEASE RESPOND!!!

Who is a better example of liberal hypocrisy? Al Gore or John Edwards?

No it never ends. We have a liberal media which refuses to acknowledge the fact the liberals are really screwed up. They prefer to blame Bush and the conservatives for every problem in America. I'd give the bigger hypocrite award to Gore. He claims to be really concerned about the environment and global warming, but won't change the way he lives to benefit it. I remember a senator challenging him to change his lifestyle to only consume the power an average American does. He only asked this of his residence, not of his travel or any other applications. Gore kept interrupting him and cutting him off, as if he didn't want the public to know of his hypocrisy. I heard a fact that he consumes 20 times more electricity at his home than an average American household. That isn't counting all of his travel. He wins this, but Edwards isn't far behind.

Is it worse to eat at a street 'hawker' store or off the floor?

They are just as bad .. But if you want an honest opinion .. If the floor is clean and has been disinfected, then you are more likely to pick up vomiting and diahorea from a street cart. So the floor (perhaps not the office floor) would be better. Asia has some VERY dodgey food ..

What's the weather like around you today??

a href=";_ylt=Aur.P4DNHhy4kQQFl1Ucupnsy6IX?qid=20061229081620AAeoWEy";…/a

Which Would be Funnier at a Kids' Party: Bozo the Clown or Gore Talking About Global Warming?

Well we all know Bozo will not try and take your money or change your life- so he is harmless. But Gore with his junk science plans on becoming a billionaire with his m control of the public. And you know is cold here is Las Vegas brrrrrrrrrrrrrr we had the largest snowfall ever two days ago.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have you ever been "torn" between countries?

You have done a good job of writing a "pluses and minuses" ysis for each country. Keep thinking and adding to your list. At some time, you will ultimately be the one who has to make the decision.

Do you agree with me about this?

Given the right oppurtunity any man even a happily married guy would cheat...We all know how men are if a woman is offering herself to a guy no man is gonna p up some p*ssy even if he is happily married cause men cant control themselves and if a man says no then he is lying.

What will you tell to Mike Arroyo?

Let say you've given a chance to tell to Mr. Mike Arroyo about the controversies that the first family involve with, without hold bars. What will you tell?

Do you need to introduce two rabbits to breed them?

I am buying a male and a female today from different pet shops to avoid inbreeding. I was wondering if you need to slowly introduce them like i used to have to do with syrian hamsters or can you just put them together when they are old enough or should i put the cages next to each other when they are younger?

My aties nose is red?

so i hade pepe for 2 ears and today i notices hes nose was red just one of them he was acting normal do you know what it can be

Did anyone receive their Fed Tax Stipend yet?

Also I am curious as to how they are sending them out. I have heard from one person that they are sending it out according to the last four digits of your social security number. Lowest numbers will get theirs first. Is this true?

I need some really dirty saucy dares?

funny, i thought you said that you were gonna just do stuff like bj's and . but you've seen it all right? can't believe you reposted this question. blah.

Flight or invisibility ?

invisibility...i wanna check up on a few people to see if i can truly trust them or maybe they talk about me

Are these Girl Names too Unique?

You could use Neve, Effie, or Fiona and they would be easier for an American. Still unique but a little less difficult. What do you think?

Can someone rephrase this please?

King Charles II of England had granted the land to Connecticut in 1663, and also to William Penn in 1681. The charter of each colony igned the territory to the colony; thus overlapping land claims existed. Both colonies purchased the same land by treaties with the Indians. Connecticut sent settlers to the area in 1754. Yankee settlers from Connecticut founded the town of Wilkes-Barre in 1769. Armed bands of Pennsylvanians (Pennamites) tried without success to expel them in 1769-70, and again in 1775. The "wars" were not particularly bloody—in the First Pennamite war, two men from Connecticut were killed and one from Pennsylvania in the course of two years. Pennsylvania followed suit and established a settlement through two lessees, Ogden and Stewart.

Bring the jonas brothers back to washington?

so go somewhere closer or just try to make them come how idk just trying to do things here but they rock jb I love u

Can my new landlord terminate our 1 year lease now?

The house we live in is a rental, and our landlord sold it to someone else. Now we've received our 2 month lease,and we have to be out in 60 days!!!! We have 3 dogs, and finding a place will be hard enough without half the $$ for rent!! We get a measly 750 for our deposit, but the $500 pet deposit for a year i suppose is lost, but we've only been here 3 months... seem right to you? I'm SO upset right now... we've got 2 months to find a new place, and limited funds to do so... Is this legal? I've looked at DE's tenant/landlord code, and it doesn't address this issue.

I want to go on holliday on my own, and travel mongolia by myself, but cant find a good way of doing it, help!?

the problem with all the usual travel sites and holliday packages, your always wtih a guide and a group of people doing a set thing, i just want to go to mongolia, buy a horse, travel around and explore, and then get back to the airport to go home!

What kind of job would I be good for?

the way the economy is right now you need to take any job you can get.I have friends with all different kinds of degrees that can't find a job.

Good eye make up for blue/gray/gree eyes with a bit of brown/yellow in them?

I have eyes that are blue, gray,green eyes with a tiny bit of brown-ish/yellow in them. And I was wondering, what eye color shade shoud I use (including eye-liner and mascara)?...I have brown-ish/red hair and light skin, if you need that info. My friend is buying me make-up for my b-day and I don't wat her to buy something that won't lok on me. I like the trio eye make-up (like Intense i-color from Almay) but you need a specific eye color (and you have blue, brown, green, and hazel to choose from.) Can anyone help?

Is it really necessary?

Haven't seen much tv in ages hon, ignore the rude need for it really, if they don't like it don't answer. The Halifax man still going?

My car has lost power? HELP?

I was showing my car off like an idiot and I was revving it up. It is a 1993 Mazda Protege LX with the 1.8 liter DOHC I-4. It redlines pretty high(7400ish). I revved it up and it made a loud pop. Now it doesn't seem to have the power it used to. I'm not sure what it could be. Some help would be nice thanks.

What do you think of these names?

I would make Hunter David Harry be just Hunter David, and Mikayla Mary Catherine to Michaela Mary or Michaela Catherine. I don't like Lux. Declan is ok.

I really like him should i just go for it?

There's this guy I really like... we hooked up before but that was a while back... school started and I got really busy so we kinda stop talkin for awhile... we still talk but not as much we use to hang out alot too... but of course my busy schedule kinda holdin me up... now i got things goin smoothly so i have some free time... ne who... i really miss him... and i was thinkin bout callin him up and hanging out with him again... I really like him alot and I miss him... :-( Should I call him up and see where things go? What would you do?

Briggs&stratton engine problem?

i am trying to make run my briggs straton 14.5hp riding mower.this is a OHV(over head valve)engine with starter,one fresh fuel,new spark plug,carburator was cleaned.tested for spark and is ok,also noticed that the carb is working(is sending fuel to engine)but this motor will not run,all it does is CRANK,but will not run,i do noticed that while the engine is cranking it makes small and MEd detonations(pop,pop sound) .i am runing out of ideas..if any one can help please ,thanks

Gears Of War 2 torrent?

well it depends if your being smart, first of all I can't really say, I know that the old way of doing it was easy, you know before they put the new dashboard thingy, microsoft has been a little more cautious so I wouldn't recommend doing it, but if you feel luck go for it.

Wireless internet pword?

OOk some internet comapny dude set up my wireless internet while i was at a sleepover but how do i no whats my WPA_PSK pword

How does the beginning of the first chapter sound?

I like it! I think its really diffrent! It's interesting and catchy! I like your detail, and your writing style! It's really good!

About the position of women in society?

the position of women in society has changed marketly in the last 20 years. Many of the problems, young people now experience, such as juvenile delinquency arise from the fact that many married women now work and are not at home to care for their children. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My 2 year old is having sever eye trouble?

My little girl is extremely light sensitive and her eye roll up mostly when shes tired or out in the sun. She also can no longer lay on her back because her eyes roll back and it hurts her. So far normal EEG, CT, and take home EEG, her MRI show something on her neck and on her tongue but not sure if that is anything yet getting it read tomorrow. Has anyone seen this before? Shes going to see a Neuro ophthalmologist in June.

How can i lose the weight?

I am 15 years old,5'5 and weigh 121 pounds and would like to be under 110 pounds,preferably by september.I have tried loads of stuff but can't seem to find anything that works. I rarely eat junk food and eat healthy(once a week at most)and don't drink soda drinks,only water.How can i lose the weight?Please help me,i know i'm not overweight but i feel uncomfortable with my weight and have started to hate going out and dislike shopping because i end up feeling bad about myself. I will do anything to lose the weight and no i'm not talking about amputating my arm off or barfing my guts out so don't get angry.Anyway thanks.

What is your Soccer/Football Dream Team?

i like current players but i opted for the real madrid team of 1960 which killed frankfurt 7 . 3 at hampden park glasgow . in the european cup final . Distefano . Puskas and gento u cant go wrong even though it aint my generation !!!!!!! And its half a century old that team will live on !!!!! .

Am I able to be home schooled?

I have a single mother that works through out the day, I'm a grade 11 student taking physics 11, entrepreneurship 12, and Film and video 12. I'm looking to take a trial home schooling week(s) if I am able to. I'm under the HRM school board. If you need any other Information, just say so. I greatly appreciate any legit answers.

What Do You Think of This Poem I wrote?

thats amazing you have a talent for writing im jelous like thts way better than anything ive ever done im goign to copy tht into a word doent no joke.

How much are linden dollars worth?

I'm wondering how can people make money in second life. if someone sells something for 1000 linden dollars, then how much is this in real life money? or how do they earn money?

Am I the only one that hates Golden Corral?

I think this restaurant is completely gross. I've been with my family twice, and I think it's a horrible place to eat! I will never go again. They cram so many people into the facility, on top of charging way too much for everything. I've also heard the hygeine practices aren't so great there. YUCK!!

I am looking for a diaper that wont leek at night?

My son is 8 months old and sleeps through the night. I use the Pampers cruisers diapers. At night I always have a baby that wets through the diaper. I have tried the next size diaper but they are so big on him. I saw that Huggies make an overnight diaper but I am very skeptical to try them since I didn't like the Huggies brand. Any ideas how to solve this? If I wake him in the night to get changed he wont go back to sleep.

I've stopped eating something which turns out i'm actually allowed to eat? Soo Confused.?

you are looking for a reason to break a promise and trying to justify it using the quran. There was an american singer in the 70's named cat stevens. While nearly at deaths door, he made a promise to allah. That if allah saved him he would devote the rest of his life to being a good muslim and give up everything haram. Today he is known as Yousef Islam, and although he is still singing he now sings songs about islam, and spend a great deal of his time teaching islam. He gave up the , drugs and rock and roll. I think you can give up a few things, you made the promise, now stick to it!!

Is anyone here willing to trailer a racehorse that lives in OK to FL?

I cannot deliver a racehorse because you live VERY far away from me. But why don't you ask some people at your stables, friends, or neighbors?

Who would be more influential/celebrated if they were still alive?

That's a tough one. My vote would be either Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn. The men were guitar gods.

How is major stink best removed from canvas shoes?

I fell in the creek wearing Converse. They now smell like pure evil. I've washed, soaked, repeated...stuffed with Rosemary and Thyme, baking soda and carpet cleaner. Any other suggestions before I put 'em out back and light them on fire?

My amps are going into protect from low voltage. How can I fix this?

I have a 220 amp alternator that runs at 14.2 volts, Big three in 0 guage, 40 farad cap, and an Optima Yellow top. My voltage drops down to 9.6 at the amps and they shut off. I only have about 1700 watts RMS so I don't get it. And for those that are gonna say ditch the cap. I tried it that way. Shut off quicker.

How do I get my Over-the-Range microwave/hood to not recirculate the air/smoke back into the kitchen?

My Maytag (MMV5165BAS) Over-the-Range Micro-hood only recirculates the air/smoke back into the ktichen. We have a duct opening for the air to go to the outside of the house with the duct already installed. It is most likely "convertible" to inside or outside venting but where do I find that, is it a on? Or is it most likely that the installation is set up wrong? Is the flap not going up with the connection to the duct to let the air out, is that something I have to look at? I feel that a little bit of air does get through to the outside but the majority (90-95%) gets recirculated. The manual that came with it does not help either. Thank you.

Is this a healthy day's worth of food?

Not enough calories. Find your resting metabolism and add your calories burned from activity to it. This will give you your maintenance calorie requirement. To safely lose 1-2 lbs a week deduct 500 calories a day from the maintenance total. Once you reach your goal you can go back to your maintenance total to keep the same weight.

What is a good babysitting rate for a 2 year old, kindergartener, and a third grader?

I've babysit some, but I'm babysitting children with those ages. What is a good rate that isn't overpriced but too low either? I love babysitting a lot

Swollen Lymph node in leg/groin area. What could it mean?

I just got back from the doctor. They ran all kinds of test ranging from STD check up and lupus. My white blood cell count is normal (around 6 x 10^6) and everything else is normal. I have a followup next Tuesday, but I'm really worried what it is. I dont know which lymph node it is exactly, but its on the left leg about 6 inches down and 6 inches left... Please help.

Valencia to UCF Applying?

I'm going to Valencia Community College and would like to apply to UCF but don't think I yet have a good GPA to apply to UCF. Could I apply to UCF and if I am rejected could I reapply to it after I finish Valencia and get a better GPA?

How do you let your discontent be known when you see how far the politicians have dragged down the US?

I make sure that all my mail goes out with an American flag stamp upside down to protest the US foreign and domestic policies. If you think this is a good little way to show your patriotism, please star this question... I want to believe that the more people do this, the better.

Haring phone calls from a "law firm"?

Go on line and register your telephone numbers on the national 'DO NOT CALL' list. Then, if the calls the telephone number to your local state 'attorney generals' office.

What kind of finger food should be served at a mexican theme party?

Im having a mexican themed party. Trying to plan what kind of finger food to serve. Taco's and tortilla's are out cause they're too messy. Quasedillas (cheese and salsa in tortilla then deep fried) and Empanada's. And obviously some salsa, guacamole and maybe a bean dip with crackers and chips. What else should i serve?

Why do i randomly have shortness of breath?

Is it as if your breathing fine and all of a sudden you need to take a big breath or just shortness of breath in general?

Pokemon Pearl Date and Time?

I changed the date and time on my DS so that I can find Drifloon (and to also be able to get into the restaurant at Valor Lakefront). Unfortunately, the restaurant says it is not open even though it should be based on the time I set. Help!?

What are the USAFA Requirements?

I was wondering what the requirements are for the USAFA (minimum, average, and maximum). By requirements I mean Academic (ACT/SAT scores, GPA, etc.), Physical (CFA results, Run Time, etc.), and Medical (Height, Weight, etc.). Also what can I do to improve my chances for getting in.

I found a duffel bag full of money and drugs in the bushes. ?

keep the money. flush the drugs. open an offshore bank account (belize, switzerland) so you wont have to explain where it came from or pay taxes on it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Im in love!!...but he lives in another state??=[?

ok so der is dis guy and we hav been talkin on the fone every day we tell eachother everything only prob is he live in another state we rnt quite old enough 2 drive yet almost though but i can tell that he really likes me and im startin 2 have feelins 4 this stupid??what do i do he wants 2 meet me and vise versa and AHHHH i keep havin dreams dat we r makin out??ya idk y.but please i need ideas!

I got hsv 1 and 2...anti-biotics?

you likely had some sort of secondary bacterial infections that the antibiotic would have helped with. But your doctor is right, antibiotics don't do a thing about viral infections. As for the blisters on your lips, it can often take up to a week to ten days for the valtrex to dry them up, taking the antibiotic just coincidentally occurred about the time those blisters were due to heal anyway.

Convert Hp 2175 psc to wireless to enable wireless printing on network?

I have a HP 2175 All-in-one printer. It is connected to my desktop and sharing is enabled. I have 3 other laptops and every time i need to print something from them I have to turn on the desktop and then print. I need a solution to be able to make the printer wireless. I know there ae plenty of wireless print servers out there but i'm wondering if investing in one is a smart choice or just buying a new wireless printer should be the way to go. I love my printer and it is quite economical so I don'tt want to give it up. Any suggestions and advice would be welcome. Any cheap and affordable solutions would be highly appreciated.

Which female performed I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU better: Siedah Garrett, Sheryl Crowe or Judith Hill?

I prefer Siedah's version when it's on the record but I think Sheryl sounds better live when singing it. But MJ seemed to have more chemistry with Siedah out of all of them and Judith's voice is definitely the best out of all, but I didn't get the same feeling from hearing her sing it with Mike.

Help? problems with my willy? help!!!?

i have been masterbathing differently lately and i woke up two nights ago with part of the skin of my weenie was more rough feeling as if it was shedding or something can someone tell me what is happening to me?

Which is more preferable,freedom from poverty or freedom from oppressors?

well i've read something in Readers digest, something about Mongolia, and said there something about when the it was occupied by ussr though it was less in poverty but also lessened the voice of the people(human rights etc etc) when it gained freedom, poverty went up... and there it goes it made me think that freedom from poverty or freedom from opressors is really more important?

10 pts!Please help me i know its long my hearts been broken i cant get over this its all i think about, advice?

she's seeing someone else. leave her be. just be a friend when SHE asks you to hang out and maybe you'll have a shot if they break up. but i can 100% guarantee that if you don't SERIOUSLY back off you'll lose her permanently.

Which outfit is cutest?

i think all of them are cute but for a movie date you should pick the third one it more the date kind of outfit the third one is more better but i like all of them

What is this I feel? dissociation?

i was just randomly browsing the web earliar and read up on something like this....

Is a new investigation into 9/11 warranted?

Its really ridiculous that people can sit here still and think that there is not something fishy of 9/11. Explain the 5 of 19 hijackers still alive living well in their homelands or other countries, they were interviewed on the BBC. Explain the 99% of the people and rescue personel in the trade centers claiming hearing and seeing bombs going off just before plane impact and well after, 80 floors below impact area? Explain the controlled demolition of building 7, and Larry Silverstein admitting it on TV, even though it was deemed save and no fires in it hours before? Explain FEMA being in the area of the trade center complex and Pentagon, practicing drills just days before? Explain why NORAD knew of a potential strike on the trade centers and pentagon days before and were training as if it happened and then it did? Explain the smoldering thermite found beneath the rubble of the trade centers burning for weeks after 9/11? So many unanswered questions to be answered that i don't have room to write them. How can anyone dismiss this. How can anyone not see the inconsistancies and lack of evidence the government provided "Popular Mechanics" with to "So called debunk" of 9/11? People are afraid to see the truth, that it was an inside job by the US government. I never believed in conspiracies until 9/11. Its sad.

Have you ever broken a bone?

Exept for my 4th metacarpal, which I broke when I was 14, I don't know the dates. But I've broken all my fingers, all my metacarpals, the collar bone on both sides, 6 ribs, 9 toes, my nose about 20 times, my jaw bone 3 times, cracked my skull twice, broke my right femur (not sure how it broke but it hurt), both Ulna, right radius, both tibia and fibula, my pelvis, split one patella, and both my tarsals.

Biology or Chemistry?

I am in ninth grade and i have the choice between taking biology or chemistry next semester. I took the same biology course last year as ap that they offer now but i had a bad teacher, we spent almost the whole year studying botany, and don't feel like i learned enough. This year we have a new science teacher and he is going to teach mainly on what i would like to learn (genetics and microbiology). On the other hand i can take chemistry from another really good teacher and be with all my friends. I don't really know which i will use more. If i stick with chemistry i will have more free time in senior year to study courses that i would need at a community college.

I'm looking for a good TV show to watch, what are your recommendations?

Watch Breaking Bad, is the best show Ive seen in years. But its like one long movie and because season 4 is about to start, youll need to get the first 3 seasons to know whats going on

Men's Lacrosse D Shaft?

So im still new to lacrosse and in search for a new D shaft. I have looked around the internet and heard great things about the Gait: 803 Ice, Warrior KryptoPro Diamond Defense shaft had been mentioned a lot. I was wondering if I should get the Gait: 803 Ice or a different shaft. Thanks!

2004 montero won't start?

Just replaced the battery and the car will not start - sometimes, like this morning. Is this a common problem with montero owners?

How to read c++ input with more than one int?

You have to change your while statement. If you need to evaluate two different conditions, you need two different evaluation statements.

Who has done more about the oil spill - Kevin Costner or obama?

a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a

Every american should read this Teddy Roosevelt speech 1907?

What a great speech but not too different than what we've been saying here for months. The problem is the lobbyists and the special interest groups. By the way, I thought the ACLU stood for American civil liberties union. If that is the case they should be disbanded for representing illegal aliens. They are not American citizens. Common sense is considered racist by the liberals.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Staring a small business. Need help and/or advice especially in liquor liability!?

Find a bartending school in you local area (try community colleges, etc) to get some background in the field. Talk to some caterers to see if you can work with them, as a bartender, and get some exposure to the 'bar on the go' kind of environment. Working for someone else for a while in the field, especially if you can 'apprentice' with another bartender, will give you both an idea if you actually want to go into buisness in that field, and build up a resume (and references of satisfied clients, etc). Chat with location venders to see what their liquor lisences, if they have their own, cover as far as contract bartenders. Contact local 'buisness insurance' companies to find out about packages and etc.

What would be a good present from the US for a 19 year old European girl.?

I'm going to Europe in a little bit and would like to buy a 19 year old friend (female) something that is uniquely from the USA. I don't mind spending up to around a $100 ...just throw out some ideas!

I feel lost and alone...?

a year ago i had a workplace friendship with a coworker that is 8 yrs older than me. my wife told me to leave and i had my wife arrested when i let my girlfriend drive my wife's car. my girlfriend lives in government housing and works a low paying job. my now ex wife has let me have the car, and she got another one. my kids don't really like me as they feel i walked out on them.i lost my job and had to take a low paying job to pay child support. my girlfriend constantly fights with me when i try to see my kids because she thinks i'll sleep with my ex wife. i try to tell her my ex doesn't want me, but she doesn't believe me. my ex won't talk to me unless it involved the kids. i heard about some guy in her life and i'm angry, but i told her to move on. i cheated on her online multiple times and she kept finding out and kept giving me chances. she had a nervous breakdown and was in the hospital for 3 days and i was with another woman during that time. she was always the breadwinner and took care of me when i didn't work. now she won't talk to me at all. she hangs up on me when i ask her how she's doing. she doesn't even look at me when i see her. she just gives me the kids and shuts the door. i want her back so bad after a year of being with this other woman. is there a chance she'll talk to me about getting back together do you think in your honest opinion? she's 23 and she's about to graduate school.she has her own house and a new car, and seems to be happy without me and its eating me alive...please no rude answers..i'm only 22 and honest...

Anybody know any wallaby breeeders?

maby som breeders with website.or email contact.and please no lecture answers.i just want to know some pet walaby im only plase just give me some wallaby breeders.

How do I be spontaneous?

being spontaneous is just doing things that were you dont really care what people think you just do it

In your opinion what should constitute *over dressing* a dog ~ should owners be prosecuted?

This is absurd. I have dachshunds, one a smooth haired and the poor thing tries to crawl up my pantleg in the cold weather, even WITH a jacket on. They get cold, too, boots and jackets are great in cold weather for dogs. It doesn't restrict movement. If the dog didn't mind it, trust me, they'd let you know!!

How much does qwest internet and phone cost?

after the whole six months thing cause i think i'm over paying and they are screwing me. btw the internet isnt at all fast its 1.5 mbs and the phone is free calling and 5 cents long distance.

US History protest song help?

why cant we drink tea, why cant we drink tea, why cant we drink tea, why cant we drink tea. Its been a long time since i took my first sip. Oh man Im getting sued lol.

What are the cheapest areas to live in near Los Angeles?

You'll get horrible and dangerous for $700 in Monterrey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Rosemead, Montebello, El Sereno and Pasadena. If you're willing to split a 2-bedroom at $700 each you might be able to live in a nicer place.

I want to loose weight the proper way, can you help?

I would recommend going to your local Weight Watchers. They will ess your weight and work out a healthy plan for you, so that the weight falls off gradually over a period of time. It enables you to adapt to a change in life style, so that you learn what to eat and when. In doing this, hopefully the weight will stay off . Also, exercise is essential :) Good luck.

Could I please hear your opinions about today's corrupted society? Please hear?

Humanity, as a whole, requires moar and less children. It's sad how, in the name of "civilization", we've abandoned the most basic tenements of nature in favor of some big invisible man up in the sky. Destroy religion, the world will wake up.

Getting a small tattoo?

I was thinking about getting a REALLY small tattoo somewhere. just quotation marks with a space in between them (like "____" sans underscore. it's a long story. :P) But I've heard somewhere that small tattoos become muddy and stuff over time. I don't want mine to look like that as I age! Does anyone have any tips on the smallest possible size I could get? It wouldn't be text or a picture or anything, just small quotation marks,

Maltese falcon & Double indemnity Comparison?

For one of my comparative film cles i have to write a comparison between billy wilders double indemnity and jon hustons the maltese falcon. The ignment is to write a paragraph or 2 comparing film styles, my only problem is, i know they both have film noir is common but im not sure what else i could talk about in my paper. HELP?!

Can you use a weed eater engine on a go kart?

I am trying to build a go kart and ws wondering before i took my weed eater apart if it can be used on a go kart or motorized scooter?

Some questions about a tattoo i want to get?

For me personally, the ankle was the WORST pain ever. A lot my tattoos are in 'painful' areas, like my ribs, my hip, back on my spine, neck, full sleeve, but I thought the ankle was the worst. The pain would never stop me from getting a tattoo, though. The pain is a few hours, the tattoo is forever. If you’re really serious about the tattoo, you’re not worried about how much it costs or how much it hurts.

Virgin drink recipes..?

I'm hosting a girl's night party and some of the guests aren't drinkers, so I need a couple recipes for things like virgin martini, pina colada, shirley temple, etc.

♥♥How about a little story that includes these phrases??

OK< OK, I'm getting a bit antsy here. I'm dang good at reading between the lines. Folks, something is definetly up with Sunshine and Matt Dillon. Question James Arness in on this too. Are you two in this together? Come on girl, GIVE!!!!!

New tattoo dilemma, please help?

I never used to like tattoos when I was younger, but when I met my husband (who has a gazillion) I started to like them. I have a tattoo on my right hip of two roses and my husband's name and I swore I wouldn't get another. As you can guess, I've started to contemplate getting another one. I don't really like it when you can see a girl's tattoo and I kind of want one that has something to do with my rebellious streak, but I can't think of anything! Any suggestions?

Should i talk to him or wait till he calls me?

this is my problem.. i started speakin wit him from july'08..n we r good frnds n on dis feb 14th he got a proposal n i told i don want to know abt that n so i left it as such..n he told me that he said to that girl that "i ll tell u later"..this happened on Saturday.. wen i messaged him yesterday day he told me that he s chatting wit that girl then at night wen i messaged him again he din respond to me properly n i got angry n i said "nothin.. gud nite" after that i felt that i shouldn't message him..but i messaged him n he din reply.. now should i speak wit him or should i wait till he calls me?

I am filing bankruptcy, they say I have to make a list of everything ..every fork, sock, candle, true?

will they come into my house and check everything? seems impossible ,,pencils,pens spools of thread,toothbrush etc?

Can Arsenal's "Young-Guns" can win Premiership next season?

Wenger deserves a lot of credit for some of the talent he has spotted and brought through the ranks from a young age. But no one can deny that Arsenal will have trouble competing with some of the sheer spending power that some of the other prem clubs have. It makes it difficult to compete.

What does "first aggressor" mean?

It was used in this sentence; “If war is merely to vindicate honor, why is it not declared by first aggressor?”- J.C. Jones.

How do i know if she likes me. PLease help!?

I'm a girl and i've liked a guy, and when his friend asked if I liked him, I said no. I felt stupid because I knew he'd tell him but I wasn't sure if the guy even liked me so I just said no. If she tries to talk to you first and puts a lot of :) when she's talking to you maybe she likes you, just ask her, whats the worst that could happen maybe a little embarrment? but whatever i think a little embarrment is worth it because she could say yes and end up dating you. So just ask her! Good luck.

Best Stephan King Novels?

K so i read The Shining by Stephen King. It is now my FAVORITE book. I actually visited the Overlook Hotel after reading it. Sooo i know i am going to read IT but what other books by him are really good and scary???

Help me mod my xbox 360?

uh i thought that was for the reg. xbox. For the 360 u have to send it in to a games store and see if they will do it. that is what i did.

My legs arms and stomach are cold all the time?

I am 48 year old male on synthroid meds and my blood work is all normal but my legs arms feet and stomach are freezing cold all the time even in hot weather, I live in Houston it very much a hindrance in my life. My endocrinolagist does not know the answer I have been to 2 for many years . It seems to be getting worse any help would be great Oh and i have also been to a cardiolagist and every thing is normal what other cause could there be I am 5'9 185 in descent shape help

The Denver Broncos Have the 12th Pick in the 2009 Yahoo Anwsers Official Draft Who Will They Select?

Although the Broncos will need a QB, they will address that in the later rounds. They will also be looking for a runningback considering they all died last year during the season. But with this 1st pick, they will try to improve their defense. I believe Aaron Maybin will be selected because he has a lot of upside. They can take the chance on him. They have another pick next year if he doesn't work out.

Soooooooooo embarred?.....c'mon folks lets share!?

We were giving rides at the church that the barn owners go to and after warming up and giving a small demonstration, I went to dismount and my bra got cought on the horn -i dont normally ride western- and it ripped the entire thing in half. I had to spen the entire day with people that i dont dont know and walkign around giving this demo bra-less. it was embarring.

My friend needs a good dance song for her fifteenth!?

Shes planning a dance for her fifteenth bday party. She plans on having three guys and three girls partnered up. Shed like the song to be hip hop/ pop. Any suggestions

Removing stain from Vitrified Tile?

I was cleaning some of the bath fittings with Easy off Bang and by accident some spilled on my bathroom flooring (Italian vitrified tiles). After a day I spotted that this has left a white stain/mark on my flooring which is chocolate in color. Help me to have this stain/mark removed. What should i be using to remove this? Your valuable input is highly appreciated.

Celtics to be sent home in the first round?

Anything can happen in the playoffs. top teams maybe knocked out at the first round. Playoff games are different from season games. Its highly physical, full of pressure and hometown crowd will be hostile. With those constraints, Celtics have the edge with experience and homecourt advantage. Its hard to see the upset happening but I won't be surprised if it happens. Thats playoffs basketball.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Does God acknowledge ghosts?

I'm reading the Bible for the first time. Deuteronomy 18:10 states "Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in a fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead." Is that an acknowledgement that the dead CAN BE consulted? What does the Bible say about ghosts?

How to use games for windows on a torrented fallout 3?

Well now the other day i torrented fallout3 i instilled it the gamewas fine but then i wanted to use games for windows on it Now i used my grandtheftauto code to use games for windows but it says would u like to update i say yes it fills the bar up with green and then i minimizing and it actually uses a fallout 3 updater but 3 secondslater the blue bar gets to about 5 % of total progress and then it says error now is there a device i can use to use gfwl on fallout 3

Please help, worried about elderly parents.?

my mum is 69. Up until 2 months ago she drove her own car, attended day care facilities and took her medication. She was bright and alert and interested in things. I'm her only daughter. She is highly manipulative and i'm attending a psychologist for help in 'detaching' as i was feeling suicidal from her constant demands. She used to feel 100% it was my role to leave my partner and my life and 'look after her'. However 2 months ago i noticed a change. She would stare into space and is full of depression. My dad 70 (wtih heart problems, high blood pressure, atsma, vertigo and diabetes) is her main carer. We thought she wasnt taking her medication and that she needed review as she was depressed and having panic attacks and in a high anxieity state. Dad dealt with her like this for one month until eventually after turning up at A & E about 4 times and keeping dad awake all night, she was admitted. However wtih the cutbacks, her psychitarist basically said shes highly manipulaitve and just wants to be in a psychiriatc unit. Now her GP, psychriatic nurse and psychitarst is saying they wont do anything for her and 'certiainly wont admit her'. My dad is at breaking point and i'm constantly worried, i just cannot get on with my life. They psychiratist is saying the psychriatic unit is 'not the setting for her'. yet shes severely depressed adn pacing up and down. Shes currently in a private nurshing home this past 4 nights and the owners says that she is extremely agitated and they cannot understand why they wont admit her to the psycriatic unit. Everyone has washed their hands of her and the nursing home feels shes 'extremely vulnerable' and 'desperate'. Shes complaining of sweats and shakes and i feel her medication needs to be looked at. The psychitarist has basically said throw her in a nursing home, but shes too physically fit and young to go there at this stage. She needs proper mental help and have her medication sorted properly.. How can i help?

How can i write a thank you note.?

I have to write a thank you note to some companies that donated to my Science Olympiad team so we could go to State. I dont know what to write. It has to be long and good. Can you write one please and see how it sounds?

Should the citadel just quit,?

i mean its not fair, they are a 4-7 D-2 school, while florida are one of the best teams in the nation, it is just not fair. I feel so sorry for them, for the sake of their player's morale and the fans, they should just go home, and not make that trip to Gainsville,Fl aka "the Swamp" aka one of the toughest places to play. Who else are with me, or if so, i say urban meyor should just bench, tebow, harvin, and some other players, because if they dont they are going to win 100-0

Did I hear correctly?

Their going to have a Gulf of Mexico match where you have to throw your opponent into the river? Since when did Russo leave TNA and rejoin WWE?

Hi, i have put on alot of weight. any advise how to lose weight fast but safely?

i bought adios tablets an they didnt seem to help. i need to lose about 2 stone fast. can anyone advise me on how to do this!????

Weve been threw heck and back still made it but seems like small stuff ?

small stuff now ,was stuff from the past, of of our open realatioship is killing us by open i mean we talk about our deepest everythings ,its a blow to hear alot of it ,know the person so long and poof here comes the past in ur face u would have never guessed is placed in ur lap ,and they have no idea how to comperhind it or anything but it was all before they meet but now knowing they just are at a lost , we have very diff back grounds of life,,i dont know how to help him over come it ,,he tells me i shouldnt even worry or think about it but it still haunts him,we have alot of long distance goin on ,we have been together 4 yrs ,this was all just opened up a few months ago ,now i know everyone sees thing diff it affects diff to ,we r a middle aged couple so this isnt high school dramma ,but latley im sure it steams from what the bomb was a few months ago ,but we question each other all but drive each other nuts bickering over the to me small stuff ,but to him it means alot more ,hes not much at opening up like i am ,he tries but i just seem to get bits ,here and there ,were r both sick of the chomping at each others ankles over this but how can we pull togehter agian ,i know it will put another hurting on us ,but we need to figure some thing out we are killing what ,we have fought so hard for ,guys girls anyone with experience in long distance some of the time and long realatioships as well have any ideas ,im seriously lost ,think we both r we need over this wall before it falls on us ,anyone with answers please email me at sweetsilver001,for some reason when i finnally use this thing it never will let the emails go thru ,so help us figure this out b

Did Lars keep Jason from feeling like a true member of Metallica?

Sorry about all of these Metallica questions I just love the band and have no one really who would know how to discuss these matters.

Which job is better for my situation?

Instead of aiming for the US IT companies, why don't you try looking for foreign companies such as Samsung, LG, and etc. I can give you numerous reasons to my statement; however, I am going to write couple of them. First, working with diversity companies will make your resume better. This will show that you are suitable for International Business and working with foreigners. Lastly, despite the economy crisis we are currently facing, Asian market IT companies are being brought up unlike the US IT companies.

Does this sound rude to say...?

I think you're a great person but I find that our personalities don't really mesh well together. I don't mind hanging out with you every now and again but at this point my focus is on expanding my network and focusing on school just know I'm always here for you and please don't take this the wrong way. Talk to you Later!

I just moved into a house with over grown garden, manly brabbles,nettles, cani use blow torch to get rid ?

am doing it alone. so if i burn it. to get rid of plants, i may reach the soil to put weed killer down, brambles are 3ft tall or more.

Do i have enuf clothing to go to school with this FALL?

Personally, I think you need to find shirts that aren't graphic tees. That way you have a variety, and wearing graphic tees and hoodies every day is kind of bland and boring. Also, buy another pair of jeans. Also, buy some shoes that aren't sneakers. Most people own like 45 pairs of shoes.

Can anyone tell me a good game?

You'd like "Half Life 2". Needs a good graphics card to get the full effects of the game. :)

What is cutting the leaves off my garden plants?

I have veggie garden with various peppers and sweet potatoes. Over night, several of the plants had their leaves cut off near the stem. I don't think it was a rabbit since the leaves were not eaten, just left on the ground. I do not have fence, but did put some coyote urine around the garden to keep rabbits away. Any ideas of what it could be? I'm thinking insect or bird. Also how to do stop it going forward? Thank you (Also the plants were not uprooted)

What is a good song to sing for the talent show ?

My voice is fairly low, but I'm not like monotone. I'm a pretty good singer, and I can sing to songs like Teardrops on my Guitar (Taylor Swift) pretty well. But I can't sing songs like Energy (Keri Hilson). Any suggestions would be find, and if you suggest a song please provide the artist's name too!

Where can I find a No Kill cat shelter, or person to help rescue cat?

I live in east end of H'wood, Calif. I am moving 31st w/2 cats of my own. Me & some in bldg. where I live have been feeding/caring for a cute about 3 yr. old good personality, fixed male cat named "Curious" ("Curi") for almost a yr. He is afraid of cars, spooks alittle, and may bite and does not like dogs or other cats, yet he is loveable. The mgr. wants him out now of area, bldg. and we have been cruelly told not to feed him. He is being kicked out of bldg. where he thinks is his home!!! Is there a no kill shelter, or someone w/space to rescue him-or? Thank u

No question, just a rant (consider it a Catharsis)?

You are very yong yet. Take my advise write everything down that happened to you good and bad,.Absolutely everything.Then read it twice. Ask yourself am I to let these people control me forever? Lose weight to your suggested weight . Or get Diabetes like me. I was 50 pounds overweight for years.needed the pounds and muscle to work. Don't work anymore the 50 pounds must go or diabetes will come ,tha's a given Keep your story. each time yo feel like this .,look a it. Am I letting these people control me yet? The poverty line, keep on keeping on Keep on doing rite,being honest ,help out other people , Help out vets ,Be aware that some people will mess with you.Be ready there are many out there. Remove Alcohol,Tobacco,Drugs from your personal inventory.These take you down the same way fleas did

How can I find a doctor who specializes in Gallbladder and Sphincter of Oddi disfunction in California?

I know I have a problem with either my gallbladder of sphincter of oddi but all basic test have turned out normal so now I need to see a specialist. How can I find a good doctor who will be able to help me?

Sophia loren picture with hairy armpits..why?

I also saw a movie she was in and she kept flashing her hairy armpit. does this signify something at that period of time? was it considered hot back then?

Do You Believe In Man?

Do you believe that society despises those few who are great or have the potential to be because the common mes feel threatened or insignificant compared to a single person's brilliant ideas and achievements? Does the average person seriously consider that a solitary man cannot become great; that one intelligent, dedicated individual does not have the capacity to enormously impact the world? There have been so many examples-- Socrates, Galileo, Ghandi, Confucious, Albert Einstein, etc. How can anyone not understand that the realm of man's true, full potential is unlimited?

How does Barack Obama's Narcissism and Sense of Race Superiority affect his remaining 3 Years of "Presidency"?

See, though i paint an un-flattering picture of "The President," These htings NEED ot be addressed, if America is to remain FREE...

Is 'Uncle Ben' rice company owned by a black man?

the maker is actually Scottish/Chinese, if ur mad about that not only are u un educated but who cares? its called marketing.

Is there ever a time when you need to realise it isn't going to happen for you?

i don't mean to sound insensitive because i didn't answer your question but where are you going to pharmacy school at?

Who has the best eyebrows?

For me the winner is Robert Pattinson, with Alistair Darling a close second. So, who do you think has the best eyebrows?

I Need Help How Will I Get It?

Im 17 years old suffering from ibs now from bout 7 months ago. Its taking over my life, I cant live my normal lifestyle anymore going out with friends, going to school, or a simple shopping trip makes my life a living hell. Im afraid of public toilets and it makes me 10 times worse theres always the feeling of needing to use a toilet. I just cant get the feeling of hopelessness out of my life no matter how much i try its always there i rarely leave the house and have droped out off school i feel like such a let down to my whole family and it makes me cry. Ive been to doctors and more doctors an non off them have helped me so for. I need Help any advice :(

Whippet with nervouse breakdown!?

She could very well be upset because you left her. We had a dog that we left at a Kennel for a weekend once because of a death in the family and he acted like he didn't know us for about two weeks, wouldn't eat, actually growled at us. Give her a couple of weeks.

My brother in law is making me crazy!!?

Sounds like you brother in law has a lot of maturing to do., and yes, your husband is condoning every bit of it..., but even if your husband says something to him, its a possibility that it won't do any good. I see where you are coming from, I believe if you condone someones behavior they will continue to do it.. Chance are, this young man will never grow up. If I were you I wouldn't worry about it unless it interfered with your relationship with your husband. Just sit your husband down and tell him how you feel about all of it and if the brother in law falls flat on his A$$, you two won't be there to pick him up... ONe way or the other he has got to learn from his careless actions.

Who is the father in law of ABU AL AAS in AR RAHI ? who was his wife ?

the Prophet MOHAMMAD p b u h was his father in law and his wife was ZAINAB r .a ,HOPE YOU GOT THE ANSWER thanks for the question

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Should I get the Polar White or the Onyx Nintendo DS ?

And also can anyone tell me the pros and cons? And by that I mean which colour is easier to show fingerprints and which shows dirt easily,stuff like that

Are sumo athletes required to be fat?

Sumo wrestlers don't go to their local Mcdonalds, and have at it. They eat a lot of meat, veggies, and anything that is good for your body. Despite them being big in size/weight they are probably more healthy than the average American.

I started collected topps baseball cards and what cards are good from the 50's 60's 70's?

i already have oziie smith rc 1990 full set,nolan ryan 1979,1968 roberto clemente,1979 topps full set

Does anyone know if college is expensive in california?

i oly have 2 years left of high school and i have to start thinkinkg about my future. also does anyone know if you dont live in california does it make it more exensive?

Why am I not talked about as an up and coming receiver?

All I hear is Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, Mike Williams.. what about me??? I was better than all those scrubs. I was 36 yards shy of 1000 receiving yards and even had 10 touchdowns, better than that of my scrub teammate, Desean Jackson. I will be an All-Pro, if not Pro Bowler pretty soon and I'll be laughing at all those other scrubs, or better Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Electronic Shipping Info Received?

It basically means what it says. USPS was notified to expect it for mailing. Generally this would mean a label was printed from Paypal or To find out when or if the item has been mailed yet they ask you contact the sender to verify.

I need help with my wiener dogs that keep messing in my house...HELP!!?

my 3 year old wiener dogs will not do their business outside. in warmer weather they're fine. they still have accidents, but for the most part it's okay. but now that it's freezing they refuse to potty outside. i let them out for 10 to 15 minutes and almost immediately after i let them in they run off to a bedroom and poop and pee. lately i've had no choice but to only let them out of their crate just to go outside and eat/drink. i hate doing that b/c they are loveable and playful dogs with tons of energy that need to be out interacting with the family but i just don't know what else to do. any serious suggestions??

Should you ever give a Detective a statement..if it incriminates you?

Do not ever give a statement that may incriminate you in a crime without an attorney present.You have to remember it's your word against your former friend.Do not make anymore incrimating statements like i could pay the money back,it shows guilt.First thing if they had enough evidence you would have already been charged,some one saying you did it is not enough to charge you,the police,district attorney need evidence.The detective saying he knew you did it,he's trying to bate you into a confession do not fall for it.As far as being arrested that is determined by amount,small amount may be ticket,large amount may be clified a felony and you may be arrested.Remenber if they had enough evidence you would have already been charged or arrested.As far as going to the police station to talk to them,I would seek legal advice before making a statement.Calm down do not be scared,just look over my answer and do not make any more mistakes,like incriminating yourself or making statements without legal advice.

Begginers help with php scripts?

Permissions are exactly that, they allow access to certain files. If your FTP client supports it you can change the permissions through it's gui or if you have command line access you would use the chmod command. The other option would be if your Web Host has a file manager in the control panel, often times you can change the permissions that way too. Hope that helps!


I have never heard of any college dorm allowing pets...I am a sopre at UK and I just wonder if you have visited yet and seen the dorms?? An apartment is the best way to go!! I have a dog now too and there is no way I could have her if I didn't leave the dorm..they suck for 30947309 reasons!!

How fast can I expect to lose weight?

Well you really shouldn't be seeing results that fast or else the program or diet you're on probably isn't healthy.

I am a 43 yr yg Sing Male after battling depression 4 10 yrs Im much better and just began to live again3 mths?

ago. I had lost all my friends and started Went once to see a movie. Went well. A match really. Then before our scheduled 2nd date my ex wife from 22 yrs ago shows up separated. The one I loved and never got over. I had to cancel with the date because im not a user and dont want to hurt anyone. So I was honest with the girl on match.She was hurt and I dont blame her.My ex is getting a house ready but refuses to see me until she gets moved from her husbands place. She sleeps with her daughter in another room. I believe her because I know her we really have something special that we were just too young to know what to do with it 22 yrs ago. Im finding myself fighting lonelyness because I cant see her till she has some work done and moves out. Shes saying 2 weeks and we can see each other. I dont have any other friends and things went well with my date that still wants to see me because of my honesty and not using her should things not work for the alltime love of my life. Should I wait? I dont want to hurt anyone but im starved because of lonelyness and depression for 10 yrs without even holding a womans hand. Should I put my life on hold till my ex gets out from under his roof? She has 3 children.16,14, and 12 thats moving with her. In the meantime its like lifes on hold and Im sitting here all alone. Any comments will be greatly appreciated Thanks

What do you think constitutes inner peace? What is it and how do we achieve it?

True Peace is Indeed INNER and comes from being at Peace with who you are, in my case that would be knowing I am God's Creature, a Created Being totally dependent upon God for everything, for to take credit for the good traits and abilities I might possess would be a lesson in futility. My favorite Hymn is "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God!" My favorite line is, "The body they may kill, His truth abideth still." In my humble opinion, if you abideth in God, and He abideth in you, the only way for someone to TAKE your Inner Peace is by your forfeiting it to them willingly.

What would you think?

My reaction? Welcome to America! Where non-socialized medicine along with the FDA kills patients for profit!

Who will win the ALDS between the Red Sox and Angels and why?

Red Sox in 5 games, because they will win in the match box (fenway park) tailored made for them! You can have a 10 run lead their and some way they come back to beat you!!

Odds of Tom Daley replying.?

I emailed Tom Daley's coach last night and told him how much Tom has inspired people here in the US and all over and how cool it all is. He said he forwarded it to Tom. He doesn't know if he'll reply or not because he get's a lot of mail. Do you think he will?

Is there any good romance/action/comedy anime or anything else good to watch?

tell u what, Hajime No Ippo lacks romance , BUT the action and comedy part RULES!! action is damn EPIC and the comedy part makes me laugh till i drop off my chair.. its a very meaningful anime .. a lot on friendship .. however , this is 1 of the best anime i can reccommend to people

Orogeny question for those with an interest in geology/geography?

Yes, although I cannot say "yes" with certainty that the Taconic Orogeny was part of it. I did a web search and came across a web page that appears to include Terra Nova NP in the Taconic Orogeny.

OMG what is this beastly pest in my garden?

I have about 6 different species of bugs attacking my garden. All are on each plant together. I have tried Malathion but they just come right back. Today I looked and saw something new that looked like it is right out of some sci-fi flick. I have never seen this before. They are on the stems of all of my Bower vines. They are white, sort of round, elevated (meaty looking), have something that look like they may be eyes around it's perimeter, no legs. They look a bit slimy or wet. They look like they are probably sucking the plant. The bigger ones are a little smaller than a baby pea and then there are many, many babies which are smaller. I tried spraying them with water high blast but they don't move! These things are very creepy looking and I have searched the internet and cannot find anything of the sort in all of the pictures of garden pests. What are these things??

Is Ferris Bueller's Day Off the best 80's movie? Anyone, anyone?

"Bueller, Bueller." "Swing batter, batter, swing." Yeah it was a pretty darn funny movie, I loved it and being that it's an 80s movie I'd have to say yes, only a few others were just as good.

How do non-motorized sports work at an all inclusive resort?

At the Riu Bachata you will find a �activity� department and they will explain how it works, but generaly their is no waiting line for any water sports or others. Enjoy it and dont forget to discover this beautiful country, especially the north coast ! For more info about activities (cheaper) just mail me.

This guy gets nervous with me!? help.?

Hey girl go on and kiss the guy and get it over with. What you two are displaying is a good old healthy dose of ual tension!

BBC - Loony lefties?

typical comment of a guardianista, I have never in all my life, from the day Powell made his speech to this day ,met anyone that disagreed with what he said, but if you read the press or listened to the TV news at the time, apparently nobody in whole country agreed with him,

Online surveys plz help?

im working part time and need extra money does anyone know by personal experience some real websites where u get paid to take surveys because most of the ones ive been on are scams.any one that has actually done this ang gotten paid let me kno of the sites,also websites like chacha and KGBS site where u get paid to answer peoples questions if any one knows of any sites let me know please

Sookie Stackhouse chronological reading order?

Can someone post a reading list of all the Sookie Stackhouse books in chronological order, the short story anthologies where she and/or other characters appear in?

Civilization 4 Installation Help?

Ive had Civ 4 and the Warlords expansion installed for 5 months now, and recently I made an account on gamespy so I can be able to play online. It told me that I had to install a patch, so I did and then went to restart my game but when I click on the desktop shortcut to open it, is says; The application has failed to start because D3DX9_ 32 was not found. Re installing the application may fix this problem. But i dont want to if i dont have to because I dont want to lose any of the saved games I have. If worst comes to worst and I have to reinstall, do I have to reinstall both games or just the main one???

DDR workout? HELP? LOSING WEIGHT? best answer 10 pts?

well im big guy not a huge unpopular dude n im pretty fat i have really big man (which i can laff at sometimes lol) but i do get teased by ppl in my cl even tho theyre not really trying to be too mean n i wanna not be known as the 'fat kid' so ive been playing ddr but i dont know how long to play each day and i really wanna lose the weight by the end of the skool year so i can show them all up and be like 'whos ur fat kid now?!' (lol) so wat should i do i have about 3-4 months and idk if i can ever lose my HUGE (n i mean big) man s and fat body. ive been cutting breakfast n barely eating lunch but i still dont kno if that will work. please help how long should i play each day to lose all the weight?! any tips?!

Should the Nuggets have traded Carmelo earlier to the Nets?

It's like they wanted to play games and cried wolf too much, the Nets had a great offer on the table, the Nuggets were not wise in my opinion not to take it.

Okay, So I just broke up with my girlfriend, and then she tells me she wants me back...? HELP!?

Well... If she's only using you to fall back on. Is she really worth it? You shouldn't waste your time on these girls. Im sorry to say but she's a terrible person for using you and I think you should just move on. Tell her that you get the point and walk off. Play it cool. Make her crawl back to you. nomsayin? :P

Cyberdark Keel question?

If i have Armed Dragon LV 3 equipped to Cyberdark Keel, during my next standby phase, can i send LV 3 to the graveyard to get LV 5 out?

Do i get enough omega fatty acids.?

i am a vegetarian and i dont eat fish but i take a vegetarian omega 3 6 9 supplement, i get 30 grams of ground flaxseed and i eat a lot of seeds nuts green vegetables etc. i am 16 so i am concerned about my body converting ala fatty acids into dha and epa. anyone got any help or correct food sources

I noe im in luv wi him bt he dsnt noe i exsist?

he iz 2 mnths 4 days n 2 hrs older 2 me... hez amazin, n evrytin i eva wanted bt he dsnt noe i exsist n hez my sis's gr8 frnd!! he has a girl already bt.. rumors out he hates her... n i dunno wat 2 do =(

Microsoft Excel .xls corruption?

i don't understand why it would be doing this unless you saved it from a different version of excel and tried to open it on a older version?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Am I having too many arguments with my mate for him to be a mate?

I dont think its usual to be having so many arguments, i think its time to accept that maybe you don't get along anymore and look for other friends.

I really would like to know what the typical biker image is??

seems to me the new typical biker is about 17 years old. wears burberry and drives like a looney on a girly go-ped.

Can any of the libs explain to me how Hitler and Nazism were "right wing"?

Hitler was an active member of German Republican party right wing until German Republican party transformed themselves into NAZI party. Every educated person is well aware of this fact.

Why did kamikaze pilots in WW ll wear helmets?

LOL! That's a great question. I guess it's to help make sure they remain intact and in control of the plane long enough to reach the target.

Is there a point to dreams?

uh to me they help me solve my everyday problems that only my subconscious know about. for instance, i never realized i was so unhappy by not getting along with my mother. after having a weird dream about her i figured it out and decided to work a lot harder at having a good relationship with her.

How do you know if washing powder has softener?

the package should have a sticker if it has softener in it and if it doesnt there might be a 800 number for u too call to ask them...