Monday, August 15, 2011

Have you been forgiven of much?

What a wonderful testimony! What a great example of the miracles God can work in your life, if only you let Him. God forgives us so much, everyday, on a large scale, but also in a small one. I haven't had such dramatic events in my life, but sin is a very sneaky thing. All the sudden I catch myself growing selfish in my own pursuits, impatient, with lots of unkind thoughts about people who annoy me in some way. God always forgives me those thoughts. Also, it's hard for me to forgive people who hurt me in the past, and Jesus told us to forgive others many times. I think that just avoiding people who hurt you is not completely right, you also have to openly forgive them. No one is free of sin, after all. May God continue to fill your life with love, peace and forgiveness!

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