Monday, August 15, 2011

What is the success rate of suing the state and Police Dept. for shotty work.?

What is the success rate of suing the DA or the arresting officer whom did an investigation that has too many holes The officer relied strictly on the information of a witness that he never checked out and turns out to be uncreditable. So to recap, the officer strictly took the accuser on thier word and then charged the person with a felony crime. This is listed on the crime regristry online, and despite the outcome, guilty/innocent will always be online to see that she is has been charged with a felony crime. She has been denied work because of this online report(despite the fact that she has never been convicted nor even gotten thru the court process yet). She's listed as defendant so it's bad.So, if it can be proven that the only witness is not credible, if it can be proved that she lied, and that the information she told about the specifics where never confirmed from an independent source(a phone confirmation could have done this) the officer negligent?

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