Monday, August 15, 2011

Who is a better example of liberal hypocrisy? Al Gore or John Edwards?

No it never ends. We have a liberal media which refuses to acknowledge the fact the liberals are really screwed up. They prefer to blame Bush and the conservatives for every problem in America. I'd give the bigger hypocrite award to Gore. He claims to be really concerned about the environment and global warming, but won't change the way he lives to benefit it. I remember a senator challenging him to change his lifestyle to only consume the power an average American does. He only asked this of his residence, not of his travel or any other applications. Gore kept interrupting him and cutting him off, as if he didn't want the public to know of his hypocrisy. I heard a fact that he consumes 20 times more electricity at his home than an average American household. That isn't counting all of his travel. He wins this, but Edwards isn't far behind.

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