Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have a major problem with this guy..?

Thrz a guy at my clg who has been giving an eye contact to me since i ve joined the college...almost 2 and a half yrs. But he never talked to me..he just gave smiles 4-5 times. Finally i found him on hi5 and added him. He said he doesn't knw me..although my pic is thr . Not only this ...he shows alot of attitude in talking to me....i mean he talks very nicely...very friendly....but he never msgs me himself. I just don't understand...The main thing is hez a very gud luking guy and he has many frds as gals...and he can have any damn beautiful gal for himself...then why does he gives an eye contact to a simple gal like me..I m cute but not so smart as he is. And moreover he talks to those gals very confidently which shows he isn't a shy guy.Why will a guy gives an eye contact to a gal in real and behave this way on net??What do u think?

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