Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tell me about Streetsboro, OH?

Greetings, I've lived in a real nice western suburb of Cleveland, North Olmsted, my whole life of 49 years. It's amazing how the city has changed over the years. The hustle and bustle and non stop traffic is starting to get old. I'l like to move into a more rural area but still be close to decent restaurants and bars. Don't let 49 fool ya' I'm 18 at heart. I've been looking into the Streetsboro area. Anyone out there that can tell me about the city and area.? We have a 13 year old daughter and I see the schools are decent. I've never been to streetsboro but my wife was 10 years ago. She thinks we'd be moving to "hicksville" From what I've read streetsboro's nothing like that. But I'd like to hear what the city and area is like from someone who lives there. Safe city? Fun things to do? If you live there now and wish you didn't, why? Thank you in advance for your feedback and opinions.

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