Monday, August 15, 2011

My abusive stepdad has trapped my mum!! he's changed her so much she's just like him!! what do i do?

he's 16 years older than my mum..and it's not the age thats a problem it's his temper and general attitude! i hate him...he hit me last year and i havent spoke to him since and it seems my mum has joined forces with him and i even secretly found out that they're planning to move away like it will be liek an hour or so away. I will refuse to move with them...but there's no room at my dad's as he's just moved in with his fiance in a bungalow. I feel like a don't belong and i'm the only mature one in my a way i want my mum n stepdad to just go away so that they're out of my lives for good...but i won't have anywhere to go. i used to feel sorry for my mum and ask her to leave him but she just makes excuses for him and ive given's not as if she's one of those vulnerable victims...she's so strong and bitchy yet so stupid to still be with him. I heard about another girl's stepdad hitting her and her mum left him straight away...why didn't my mum do the same??

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