Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So..Why stop with pot? Why not legalize and TAX prostitution?

It'll stop the degradation & abuse of a lot of women, runaways...STDs could be kept in check...and a LOT of money could flow into states coffers.

Can you write a little tale that includes these "Double "W" phrases for wordplay fun?

The wicked witch who was a worry wort spoke words of wisdom into the whispering winds at the wishing well.

Tell Me Not, Sweet, I Am Unkind?

morporc is correct, yet, there is another layer here which is often overlooked. He is telling the world that he loves fighting more than getting laid. "And with a STRONGER faith—embrace..."

Should India's democracy be considered a sham democracy?

East indian's are so proud of their country's democratic system that they keep on beating their chest with it whenever compared to China. But is it really a democratic country? To me democracy is more than just a political title but a way of life. India has a caste system that is extremely prejudice and will not be easily abolished in the minds of its citizens because it is religious in nature( hinduism). They claim that they have religious freedom but the hindu finatics target anyone who believe in another religion especially islam and christians. The government is so ridiculously corrupt that half the elected officials have a criminal conviction or a pending court case. Child labor, police brutally, suppression of kashmir just to name a few. From a western perspective, what exactly are they proud of ?

Fungus growing on birds tail?

I was watching this hoarders show once, and this woman had over fifty birds. All of the cages were nasty, and the birds were not living in a good environment at all. One parakeet ended up growing fungus or mold or something on his tail because of his nasty cage. My question is, how did this happen exactly to the bird? How did it form and grow on his tail? Just curious! Thanks!

Tell me about Streetsboro, OH?

Greetings, I've lived in a real nice western suburb of Cleveland, North Olmsted, my whole life of 49 years. It's amazing how the city has changed over the years. The hustle and bustle and non stop traffic is starting to get old. I'l like to move into a more rural area but still be close to decent restaurants and bars. Don't let 49 fool ya' I'm 18 at heart. I've been looking into the Streetsboro area. Anyone out there that can tell me about the city and area.? We have a 13 year old daughter and I see the schools are decent. I've never been to streetsboro but my wife was 10 years ago. She thinks we'd be moving to "hicksville" From what I've read streetsboro's nothing like that. But I'd like to hear what the city and area is like from someone who lives there. Safe city? Fun things to do? If you live there now and wish you didn't, why? Thank you in advance for your feedback and opinions.

IPod got soaked! HELP?

today my powerade waste all in my purse and my ipod was soaked in it i hurriedly took it out and cleaned it and it's still a bit sticky but is there any hope for it?!