Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am a 43 yr yg Sing Male after battling depression 4 10 yrs Im much better and just began to live again3 mths?

ago. I had lost all my friends and started match.com. Went once to see a movie. Went well. A match really. Then before our scheduled 2nd date my ex wife from 22 yrs ago shows up separated. The one I loved and never got over. I had to cancel with the date because im not a user and dont want to hurt anyone. So I was honest with the girl on match.She was hurt and I dont blame her.My ex is getting a house ready but refuses to see me until she gets moved from her husbands place. She sleeps with her daughter in another room. I believe her because I know her we really have something special that we were just too young to know what to do with it 22 yrs ago. Im finding myself fighting lonelyness because I cant see her till she has some work done and moves out. Shes saying 2 weeks and we can see each other. I dont have any other friends and things went well with my date that still wants to see me because of my honesty and not using her should things not work for the alltime love of my life. Should I wait? I dont want to hurt anyone but im starved because of lonelyness and depression for 10 yrs without even holding a womans hand. Should I put my life on hold till my ex gets out from under his roof? She has 3 children.16,14, and 12 thats moving with her. In the meantime its like lifes on hold and Im sitting here all alone. Any comments will be greatly appreciated Thanks

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