Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No question, just a rant (consider it a Catharsis)?

You are very yong yet. Take my advise write everything down that happened to you good and bad,.Absolutely everything.Then read it twice. Ask yourself am I to let these people control me forever? Lose weight to your suggested weight . Or get Diabetes like me. I was 50 pounds overweight for years.needed the pounds and muscle to work. Don't work anymore the 50 pounds must go or diabetes will come ,tha's a given Keep your story. each time yo feel like this .,look a it. Am I letting these people control me yet? The poverty line, keep on keeping on Keep on doing rite,being honest ,help out other people , Help out vets ,Be aware that some people will mess with you.Be ready there are many out there. Remove Alcohol,Tobacco,Drugs from your personal inventory.These take you down the same way fleas did

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