Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where can I find a No Kill cat shelter, or person to help rescue cat?

I live in east end of H'wood, Calif. I am moving 31st w/2 cats of my own. Me & some in bldg. where I live have been feeding/caring for a cute about 3 yr. old good personality, fixed male cat named "Curious" ("Curi") for almost a yr. He is afraid of cars, spooks alittle, and may bite and does not like dogs or other cats, yet he is loveable. The mgr. wants him out now of area, bldg. and we have been cruelly told not to feed him. He is being kicked out of bldg. where he thinks is his home!!! Is there a no kill shelter, or someone w/space to rescue him-or? Thank u

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