Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Please help, worried about elderly parents.?

my mum is 69. Up until 2 months ago she drove her own car, attended day care facilities and took her medication. She was bright and alert and interested in things. I'm her only daughter. She is highly manipulative and i'm attending a psychologist for help in 'detaching' as i was feeling suicidal from her constant demands. She used to feel 100% it was my role to leave my partner and my life and 'look after her'. However 2 months ago i noticed a change. She would stare into space and is full of depression. My dad 70 (wtih heart problems, high blood pressure, atsma, vertigo and diabetes) is her main carer. We thought she wasnt taking her medication and that she needed review as she was depressed and having panic attacks and in a high anxieity state. Dad dealt with her like this for one month until eventually after turning up at A & E about 4 times and keeping dad awake all night, she was admitted. However wtih the cutbacks, her psychitarist basically said shes highly manipulaitve and just wants to be in a psychiriatc unit. Now her GP, psychriatic nurse and psychitarst is saying they wont do anything for her and 'certiainly wont admit her'. My dad is at breaking point and i'm constantly worried, i just cannot get on with my life. They psychiratist is saying the psychriatic unit is 'not the setting for her'. yet shes severely depressed adn pacing up and down. Shes currently in a private nurshing home this past 4 nights and the owners says that she is extremely agitated and they cannot understand why they wont admit her to the psycriatic unit. Everyone has washed their hands of her and the nursing home feels shes 'extremely vulnerable' and 'desperate'. Shes complaining of sweats and shakes and i feel her medication needs to be looked at. The psychitarist has basically said throw her in a nursing home, but shes too physically fit and young to go there at this stage. She needs proper mental help and have her medication sorted properly.. How can i help?

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