Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DDR workout? HELP? LOSING WEIGHT? best answer 10 pts?

well im big guy not a huge unpopular dude n im pretty fat i have really big man (which i can laff at sometimes lol) but i do get teased by ppl in my cl even tho theyre not really trying to be too mean n i wanna not be known as the 'fat kid' so ive been playing ddr but i dont know how long to play each day and i really wanna lose the weight by the end of the skool year so i can show them all up and be like 'whos ur fat kid now?!' (lol) so wat should i do i have about 3-4 months and idk if i can ever lose my HUGE (n i mean big) man s and fat body. ive been cutting breakfast n barely eating lunch but i still dont kno if that will work. please help how long should i play each day to lose all the weight?! any tips?!

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