Saturday, August 13, 2011

How do I get my Over-the-Range microwave/hood to not recirculate the air/smoke back into the kitchen?

My Maytag (MMV5165BAS) Over-the-Range Micro-hood only recirculates the air/smoke back into the ktichen. We have a duct opening for the air to go to the outside of the house with the duct already installed. It is most likely "convertible" to inside or outside venting but where do I find that, is it a on? Or is it most likely that the installation is set up wrong? Is the flap not going up with the connection to the duct to let the air out, is that something I have to look at? I feel that a little bit of air does get through to the outside but the majority (90-95%) gets recirculated. The manual that came with it does not help either. Thank you.

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