Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Should you ever give a Detective a statement..if it incriminates you?

Do not ever give a statement that may incriminate you in a crime without an attorney present.You have to remember it's your word against your former friend.Do not make anymore incrimating statements like i could pay the money back,it shows guilt.First thing if they had enough evidence you would have already been charged,some one saying you did it is not enough to charge you,the police,district attorney need evidence.The detective saying he knew you did it,he's trying to bate you into a confession do not fall for it.As far as being arrested that is determined by amount,small amount may be ticket,large amount may be clified a felony and you may be arrested.Remenber if they had enough evidence you would have already been charged or arrested.As far as going to the police station to talk to them,I would seek legal advice before making a statement.Calm down do not be scared,just look over my answer and do not make any more mistakes,like incriminating yourself or making statements without legal advice.

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