Thursday, August 11, 2011

I feel lost and alone...?

a year ago i had a workplace friendship with a coworker that is 8 yrs older than me. my wife told me to leave and i had my wife arrested when i let my girlfriend drive my wife's car. my girlfriend lives in government housing and works a low paying job. my now ex wife has let me have the car, and she got another one. my kids don't really like me as they feel i walked out on them.i lost my job and had to take a low paying job to pay child support. my girlfriend constantly fights with me when i try to see my kids because she thinks i'll sleep with my ex wife. i try to tell her my ex doesn't want me, but she doesn't believe me. my ex won't talk to me unless it involved the kids. i heard about some guy in her life and i'm angry, but i told her to move on. i cheated on her online multiple times and she kept finding out and kept giving me chances. she had a nervous breakdown and was in the hospital for 3 days and i was with another woman during that time. she was always the breadwinner and took care of me when i didn't work. now she won't talk to me at all. she hangs up on me when i ask her how she's doing. she doesn't even look at me when i see her. she just gives me the kids and shuts the door. i want her back so bad after a year of being with this other woman. is there a chance she'll talk to me about getting back together do you think in your honest opinion? she's 23 and she's about to graduate school.she has her own house and a new car, and seems to be happy without me and its eating me alive...please no rude answers..i'm only 22 and honest...

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